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Wildlife Photo Safaris

We specialize in wildlife photo safaris of Namibia, one of the most beautiful and travel-friendly countries in Africa. We take amateur and professional photographers to one of the world’s premier wilderness destinations, Etosha National Park, as well as other breathtaking locations.

Etosha is known for its abundant number of game and wide-open spaces. It is home to numerous predators and also the majestic black rhino. The Etosha Pan stretches as far as the eyes can see and offers a magical backdrop to your amazing photos.

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Wildlife Photography Tours of Namibia

Namibia has 26 parks and reserves, making it’s abundant wildlife one of its greatest tourist assets. The most famous of these parks is the Etosha National Park which harbours 114 mammal species. There are 8 mammal species endemic to Namibia, including the black faced impala, several mice, gerbils and bats. The black faced impala is similar to the common impala except for the distinctive black stripe down its face. Etosha is also known for it’s healthy black rhino population. Namibia is also home to a wide variety of beautiful bird species. Namibia is one of few countries in the world to specifically address conservation and protection of natural resources in its constitution.


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Our Mission

We invite both amateurs and professional photographers to take their skills to the next level and have fun doing it. With our tailor-made 10 day itinerary, it gives you ample wildlife exposure. Every safari is personally guided by Dr. Rian van Schalkwyk, an avid and experienced nature and wildlife photographer. With his expert guidance, he will make sure you go back with not only fond memories that last, but also with that image you have always wanted framed. Rian has extensive knowledge of Namibian parks and wildlife behavior and loves to share it with you.

We will also visit upmarket game reserves and lodges with your comfort in mind. While you sit back and concentrate on getting that winning shot, we will entertain you in style. We offer you different forms of wildlife photography, including hide and night-time photography. Namibia has so much to offer, from breathtaking landscape vistas, to awe-inspiring wildlife shows.

We have a custom-designed 4×4 Safari vehicle, especially for wildlife photography in mind. With wi-fi, air-con, a fridge full of treats, pop-up roof and sliding windows, you have all you need for a comfortable photographic journey. We take only up to 4 photographers on our safaris, to make it as personal as we can.

For us, it is about the little things and personal touches and that is what makes our wildlife photo safaris stand out from the rest.

Come join us on this magical, once-in-a-lifetime wildlife extravaganza.

Your Guide

Rian van Schalkwyk

Rian has been a medical doctor for the last 24 years. He always had a passion for nature and wildlife and had spent all his free time in the African bush. He started with wildlife photography about 7 years ago when he was living on the banks of the Okavango River in the north of Namibia. He traveled extensively around Namibia and visited numerous parks in Namibia and the rest of Africa. Recently, he returned from a life-altering safari trip around Africa. Rian and his 4 year old daughter, Nina traveled for 10 months across 8 countries and visited 27 parks and reserves. On this trip he decided to change his career and started this photo safari business.

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