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I first met Rian a number of years ago whilst on a photographic trip to the tiger lands of India.

After spending several days sharing a vehicle looking for these spectacular cats, Rian and I got to know each other very well and enjoyed talking all things photography. It was quickly apparent to me that Rian possessed the skills of a talented and professional photographer with a style of composing images to create a unique perspective, while also capturing his deep appreciation of wildlife through his lens. Rian invited me to visit him in Namibia, and a little over a year later we met in Windhoek. We toured this beautiful country for 2 weeks covering more than 5,000 kms.

During our travels we talked of the importance of following your dreams, and it was on one of these early safaris that Rian told me of his dream to spend time travelling through as many different countries in Africa as possible with his young daughter Nina, at the time only 4 years old. My initial thoughts were “If anybody could do this, Rian and Nina could!” And so we gave this proposed adventure for this special little lady and her very talented father a lot of discussion.

When I visited Namibia and saw the progress in the planning for their adventure and the encouragement and support from Rian’s family, it was abundantly clear this was going to happen!

During our many conversations, we talked of the importance of keeping a printed record of what we have photographed, and how the story of Safari with Nina would certainly not be complete if not in the printed form. Not only to document their life-changing experiences, but also to showcase to their family and friends the spectacular images captured by Rian of his beloved African wildlife.

The book Safari with Nina should be a testament for all that see it, that if you have the passion, the goals, the love of family and the commitment to take that leap. The courage to make huge sacrifices to partake in a much longed for adventure. Combine this with a deep respect for your country, its wildlife and the environment, and the ability to record this through the art of photography – then this is surely a recipe for a unique and extraordinary visual record. A record that will be treasured for years to come of a very special period in the lives of Nina and Rian.

I would like to express how honoured I am to have been asked to contribute to this wonderful story of their experiences and I look forward to hearing of their many adventures to come.

John Wiseman


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